Who We Are

Techstripped Africa is the a tech-influence network and accelerator in Ghana, focused on raising and supporting the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and leaders from universities across Africa.

We do this through capacity building activities and providing adequate support spanning funding, mentorship, coaching, industry connections etc.

We are empowering and raising the next generation of tech influencers in Ghana

There is no problem in the world without a solution. It only takes someone driven by purpose and passion to solve it.

Technology is the new solution center for the world’s problems and its our passion to raise leaders and entrepreneurs to influence every corner of the earth with tech; starting from Ghana.

The Pillars We Stand On

Inspire – Inspiration is where we start, instilling confidence and aspiration into students & participants whilst energizing them to ignite change from ground up

Educate  – Teaching and training young individuals to find the leaders within themselves, discovering their own possibilities for change through entrepreneurship or product development

Action – Students who participate in our sessions complete their learning by doing. Some choose to create their own startups and compete in pitch events or get recruited by partner institutions.

Accelerate – By implementing the Do. Learn. Do. Methodology, our series of accelerator programs offer young people an opportunity to create value – either for themselves or their customers

Fund – Empowering young people committed to making impact with their projects through seed funds or create jobs for highly skilled participants in collaboration with our partners

Scale – A strong support system that offers continued mentorship and guidance to alumni, helping them to keep their focus and stay committed on a path to long lasting impact

We believe in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and are developing products that will help address some of the goals.