FreshAir Sensor offers Internships to Techstripped Africa Students

Internships, which are a basic requirement for all college students in order to learn, upgrade their skills, and gain industry knowledge, do not have to be a herculean task. However, it is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of students’ vacations in Ghana, and Techstripped Africa, an accelerator and tech influence network, is working to change this phenomenon. The company is dedicated to developing the next generation of tech entrepreneurs from tertiary institutions, and one of their goals is to collaborate with global tech companies to offer jobs and internships to students involved in their campus clubs.

FreshAir Sensor, a smoking detection and sensor technology company based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA, has agreed to collaborate with Techstripped Africa to provide internships to students who are members of the organization. This collaboration will allow these students to work remotely with FreshAir Sensor and join their software engineering team to build on various software needs of the company for three to six months.

Trip Davis, the CEO of FreshAir Sensor and a Dartmouth College alumnus, met Kwame Owusu Ansah, the Founder and President of Techstripped Africa, this summer during the Mandela Washington Fellowship – Alumni Enrichment Institute and expressed interest in collaborating with him to support his organization and students.

It is hoped that this collaboration will be successful, and mutually beneficial to both organizations, while also opening the door to future collaborations with other global technology companies. These collaborations will allow Techstripped Africa’s over 250 student members to work, learn, up-skill, and develop professionally as future techies or entrepreneurs.

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